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Crossle Record

Page 221

Edward Beaty of St. Andrew Street, merchant, Longham William Palmer of Townes Street and William Morgan of City of Dublin, gents, exors. Of the will of said Francis Lord (and which said Wm. Morgan is one of the residuary legatees in said will mentioned)  of 2nd part; Ruth Clark, daughter of said Francis Lord and Michael Hutcheson and Jane Hutcheson, alias Lord, his wife (which said Ruth and Jane are the other residuary legatees in said will mentioned) of 3rd part. And Terance McMahon of City of Dublin, apothecary of 4th part. Whereby said Benjamin Lord, Edward Beatty, Longham Wm. Palmer and William Morgan, with the consent of Ruth Clark, Michael Hutcheson and Jane his wife did grant to said Terence McMahon that parcel of ground situated on the East side of the road heading from Dublin to Milltown, being part of the lands of Cullenswood. Containing 1 acre, with all houses thereunto belonging. To hold for the lives of Sara L. Mason, James Fowler, and Francis Fowler in a lease therein recited, and survivor of them with covenant of renewal for ever and under the rents of said recited lease.
Said dec'd and this Memorial witnessed by John Purdon of city of Dublin and Joseph Hamilton of Dublin, Pub. Not.
   John Purdon swears at Dublin 29 July 1776.

Rule Book on Insolvent cases (Rules office, Exchaquer) 18???????????????- 118.
P. 86.  Charles Beatty an insolvent His petition received to be brought before the Judges at next assizes of Co. Fermanagh to be held in Enniskillen and there to be heard.

Clogher Grant Book 1718-39.   11 4 130

Samuel Johnston of Tullycallrick, barony of Lurge, Co. Fermanagh, gent. To my well beloved spouse, Joan Johnston, the third part of my land and freeholds I possess or have any right, title or claim to or interest to, viz: of Lavery, Rossgole and Tullycallrick, or all my goods, chattels or moveables in said land of Tullycallrick. To my daughter Margaret Johnston the 8th part of the lands of Tullycallrick after the decease of my well beloved wife Joan Johnston, same to be plowed, sowed, and harrowed for her for her life, she to pay yearly thereout the 8th part of the chief rent to Mr. John Cochran and his heirs. To my dutiful and well beloved daughter Elizabeth Johnston 50 for her child's part. I order my trusted and well beloved friends my exors. hereafter mentioned to pay her 15 being a debt due to her by bond, which two sums amount to 75 same to be charged on my estate, and to secure same I give her true and peaceful possession  of the lands of Tullycallrick she paying in proportional part of the rent thereof to Mr. John Cochran. To my well beloved son, John Johnston, all my estate or lands he to pay all debts and arrears of rent due by me. I order 10 to my funeral. I appoint my trusty and well beloved friends Mr. John Cochran of Crevinish, Mr. Arthur Johnston of Clare to be my exors. In witness whereof 24 March 1713 [-4]. Samuel Johnston
Witnesses: William Young, Jo'es Johnston, Ed. McIllroy, Samuel (his x mark) Gregham.
[N.B. the original will not proved]

   John Irwin of Drumadroha? (Drumadraghy), Co. Fermanagh.
   To be buried in the parish churchyard. To my beloved wife for the love and affection I bear her all my farm & stock and the 3rd of that lease "between my son Gerard Irwin & shee," the lease of the land I now live on and same at her decease to go as she thinks proper. To my son [         ] Irwin 50 with interest due thereon now in the hands of James Johnston of Drumkeen as by her bond, judgment and rent charge. To my two sons Charles and Gerald Irwin 200 due by Col. Christopher Harris of Castle

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