Irish Records

Grantor: Betty, Mary & others, Grantee: Betty, Volume 149, page 33, #98740; FHL microfilm 461356

January 8, 1749. Indented Deed. Mary Betty, John Betty & Stephen Betty, all of Killymittan, Co. Fermanagh granted to Rolland Betty of Killymittan “the one half of Killymittan & Kildrum & the Town & lands of Beigh all in Co. Fermanagh. Original deed made by Rt. Honorable Wm. Connolly Esq. Witnesses: George Lendrum of Cruise, Co. Tyrone, Jas Betty of Mackney, Co. Tyrone & John Betty of Cavanlogh, Co. Fermanagh (there is another witness who is not readable in my copy of the deed). The memorial was also witnessed by Mich’l Slack of Drumury, Co. Fermanagh, Gent. Registered May 13, 1751.