Irish Records

Grantor: Beatty, Robert; Grantee: Emor, Volume 154, page 266, #103611; FHL microfilm 461360

June 11, 1752. Deed of Mortgage. Between Robert Beatty of Springtown, Co. Longford, Gent. & Philip Emor, city of Dublin, merchant. “Reciting that there was due to the said Phillip Emor on a bond & two judgments by the said Robert Beatty & Charles Beatty the principal sum of two hundred pounds…” Robert Beatty for “the further of better securing the said sum of two hundred pounds” as well as for an additional £550 transferred the “towns & lands of Springtown, Culligowne & Bullranell (about 6 cartrons of lands) plus another parcel “commonly called the thirty acres” all in the Barony of Granard, Co. Longford. Provision of redemption, such that if Robert Beatty repays the full sum of £750 to Phillip Emor the deed will be void. Robert Beatty also transferred the lands of Tonewarden (331 acres), in the Barony of Granard, Co. Longford to further insure the repayment of the £750. Witnesses: Hugh Comor, Sam Kathrens, both of the city of Dublin & Henry Stevens Reilly of the City of Dublin, Public Notary. Registered June 12, 1752.