Irish Records

Grantor: Beatty, John; Grantee: Montgomery, Volume 184, page 374, #123351; FHL microfilm 461379

January 15, 1756. Deed of Rent Charge. John Beatty of the town & County of Monaghan, Gent. granted to George Montgomery of the same, Gent. for £22-15/- “one annuity or yearly rent charge of two pounds five shillings and six pence ster to be issuing and payable out of all that and those the Towns and Lands of Cortell and Carrickmullan situate lying & being in the mannor of Castlering and County of Louth…” for and during the natural life of Sophya Beatty daughter to the said John Beatty.” Witnesses: Brabazon Noble and Thomas Noble both of Denamaine, Co. Monaghan. Memorial is witnessed by Thomas Noble & Robert Burgess of the Town and Co. of Monaghan, merchant. Registered Jan. 29, 1757.