Irish Records

Grantor: Beatty, John; Grantee: McCarroll, Volume 144, page 138, #96791; FHL microfilm 560267

May 1, 1750. “On the back of a Deed of Mortgage made the fifth day of October one thousand seven hundred and forty seven by John Beatty of the Town and County of Monaghan, Gent. to Wm. McCarroll of Castleshane in the Co. of Monaghan aforesaid, Gent. for eight hundred pounds sterling of all that messuage & tenement in the Town of Monaghan adjoining to the Church yard of the s’d town fronting the Marketplace & then in the possession of Robt. Foster, Fran’s McKenna & Jno Burgess all of the said town and county of Monaghan, merchants & also of the three taites of Mullaghinshogagh [Mullaghinshigo], ?? & Tullygoniell & the Mountain Barr…” in the parish of Tedavnet & Co. of Monaghan. Wm. McCarroll lent John Beatty “the further sum of two hundred pounds sterl over and above the sum of eight hundred pounds in said deed of mortgage…” Witnesses: Brabazon Noble of the town and county of Monaghan, Gent. & Thomas Noble of same, son of Brabazon Noble. Memorial is also witnessed by David Copeland, of Louist [Loyst ?], Co. Monaghan, farmer.