Irish Records

Grantor: Beatty, John; Grantee: Dawson, Volume 124, page 402, #85775; FHL microfilm 522830

February 17, 1746. Deed of Assignment or Mortgage. John Beatty of the town & Co. of Monaghan, gent to Richard Dawson of City of Dublin, Alderman. “Reciting that the Right Honble and Right Reverend John Lord Bishop of Clogher did by Deed of Lease bearing date the thirtieth day of May one thousand seven hundred and forty four demise unto the said John Beatty all that and those the seven tates and an half of Aghalurcher commonly called and know by the names of the one Tate of Aghamore, the half tate Moghly, the half tate of Duras [Duross], the quarter tate of Clanfolimy, the two tates of Killmore, the half tate of Derricarra the three quarters of a tate of Sheebeg, the one tate of Tonaghboy and the one tate of Flornafcollog (except four acres of turf bog out of the said Flornafcollog) be they more or less all lying and being in the Barony of Magherstephana and County of Fermanagh together with the town lands of Kilicorran, Gonnell, Kiltermon and Newry lying and being in the Barony of Clogher & County of Tyrone, and then in the occupation of the said John Beatty his assigns farmers or under tenants for twenty one years from the first day of May aforesaid at the yearly rent of fifty three pounds…the said John Beatty in consideration of the sum of two hundred pounds ster to him paid by the said Rich’d Dawson did assign to the said Richard Dawson all and singular the said lands and premises in and by the said recited Deed of Lease….” Witnesses: James Byrne and Richard Bartlett, both of the City of Dublin. Registered February 17, 1746.