Irish Records

Grantor: Beatty, John; Grantee: Campbell, Volume 188, page 498, #126508; FHL microfilm 461381

August 14, 1757. “Whereby John Beaty (sic) for and in consideration of ten pounds did absolutely sell and assign unto Robert Campbell of Ballygarvey in the County of Antrim Linnon Draper all and singular that Farm of Land in Dunfean in the County of Antrim being the moiety of the Lands in said Deed poll mentioned to be demised by S’r Robert Adair Knight to James Beaty and John Beaty which on a partition thereof poll to and became the property and possession of the said John Beaty together with a moiety of the moss unto the whole belonging with all the Rights Members and appurtenances unto the said assigned premises belonging to have and to hold to the said Robert Campbell his Exrs Admrs and Assigns to his and their use and benefit and behoof for and during the remainder of the Term of Eighty Six years from the first day of November one thousand seven hundred and then recited and mentioned in said Deed poll to have been granted of said lands by the said S’r Robert Adair to the said John and James Beaty which said Deed Poll is witnessed by Francis Joy of Ballymena in the County of Antrim paper maker and by Brabazon O’Hara of Clagan in the said County of Antrim Linnon Draper and this Memorial is witnessed by the said Brabazon O’Hara and Daniel O’Conner of Drumnagree in the County of Antrim and Barony of Killconaway woolen Draper.