Irish Records

Grantor: Beatty, David; Grantee: Anderson & another, Volume 179, page 22, #118407; FHL microfilm 461376

March 16, 1746. Article of Marriage. “Made between Samuel Anderson in behalf of his daughter Mrs. Lettice Anderson of the one part & Mr. David Beaty (sic) of the other part. Whereby the s’d Sam’l Anderson did oblige himself to give the said David Beaty as a Marriage portion with the said Lettice the sum of one hundred pounds sterling…” David Beatty agrees to leave the sum of £100 to Lettice Anderson if he should predecease her. Witnesses: John Thompson of Aughalior, Co. Monaghan & Benjamin Anderson of Coolehill, Co. Cavan. Memorial is witnessed by Charles Mayne of Maynefield, Co. Monaghan. Registered September 28, 1755.